AlanaSwift review


AlanaSwift is one hell of a fetish cam girl – I dare say the best there is on this platform! She just turned 18, but has the experience of a slutty milf! AlanaSwift throws exquisite fetish live shows that would definitely get you hooked – I’m a sucker for those already! I’ve been thronging her private chat room long enough but haven’t mustered the strength to ignore her perky breasts and concentrate on the show. They are straight-up addictive, you can’t help but stare. She knows you are looking, and she doesn’t mind.

My love story with AlanaSwift started as a mere fetish sex chat. She is a master of words and would effortlessly get me rock-hard via chat. I was curious how things would go down in a live fetish show –so I booked her for a private chat session. The first thing I noticed was her massive breasts almost breaking out from her latex dress. It was a sight to behold! Naturally, I’m a mean dominant and we discussed that before the show. When the webcams started rolling, I owned her; she was my bitch – a sex slave that I would do anything to! She had mentioned her impeccable dancing skills on our chat, and so stripteasing was the first item on our list!


True to her word, she was breathtaking. I’ve never seen a waist that flexible! It was a slippery slope from there, hardcore BDSM kinks! She gracefully handled every kink thrown her way like a pro. I’m not yet done with AlanaSwift, but you can borrow her and experience her charm first hand. Live sex has never been this good! 

Review Pros
  • long black hair
  • Hispanic girl
  • pretty smile :)
Review Cons
  • nothing!
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